L.A.C.S Fayetteville Renovation Restoration and Painting

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Step 1. Contacting Us

Email or text us with your project in mind and we will follow up with a time frame for a free phone call consultation to schedule an onsite visit for an accurate estimate.


Step 2. Estimating

We start working on your Estimate for how much it will take to finish and complete your dream project. If you need help with choice of material to use or not sure what measurements will be needed, Our project managers are here to help as far as helping you choose materials with a small fee of $250.00. best of all if we do win the project we can knock off the $250 so you can save that money.

Step 3. Receiving Contract

You will receive an estimate by email and if everything is approved, We start off by setting up a contract in place with all the descriptions we agreed on the estimate.

Step 4. Pre job walkthrough

Before getting to work, we’ll do a walkthrough of your home to inform you with the next steps of your project.

Step 5. Protecting your home

You will be introduced with your L.A.C.S Professional crew that will handle all of your remodeling work starting with protecting your furnitures with plastic and laying down cardboard rolls to protect your flooring. Materials will also be delivered this day as we start the construction phase.

Step 6. Construction Clean up

You won’t need to worry about the mess that’s left behind a home upgrade. Our L.A.C.S team of cleaners will make sure they leave your spaces and areas spotless and ready for you to enjoy right away.

Step 7. Post-Job Walkthrough

After we finish our work, we’ll do another walkthrough together to make sure everything is exactly as you wanted. You can do your own inspection and get back to us with feedback, if needed.

Step 8. 4 year warranty

Rest assured with our four-year warranty for labor. If something happens that’s included in the contract or warranty, we’ll come over and fix it for you free of charge.

Step 9. Follow up

After the project is completed. every year we’ll personally come to your home to check if our work is still in good condition and make sure you’re enjoying your home.