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Pressure Washing


If you look back to the day when you first shifted to a new happy place. All those sparkly and shiny outdoor surfaces that kept exhilarating you are now diminished due to those dusty stains and greasy marks. Whether it is any ramp, deck, driveway or exterior walls, etc, L.A.C.S has got it all covered and we will put in our expertise to make them look as if they were new. Large deposits of grease, algae, and fungal marks on wooden decks, concrete pavements, or driveways can result in permanent damage to these surfaces. Our professional pressure washers can take care of all these factors with authenticity and elegance. We don’t use any harmful chemicals to remove the stains, all our work is done under expert supervision and we guarantee our durability and longevity. Hurry up and contact our team, we will discuss your requirements and budget constraints without compromising on our quality standards.
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    Pressure Washing

    1,500 SQ FT House $500-$800

    *Prices are averages and may change depending on the Height of your Home and Complexity. You’ll receive an exact quote for your pressure washing service.

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